Become a TOP COMMUNICATOR in English & be impactful in the world

Do you want to speak English fluently at meetings, job interviews, presentations etc?

English Coaching Network (ECN) is NOT an academy or a “super method” that promises to reincarnate you as a native through hours of online material.

We coach you to English FLUENCY and to achieve your professional and personal goals. 

Academies and “super methods”  DON’T cover your real needs.

They focus purely on the language.

One of the TOP SKILLS demanded by companies is EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

If you want to access better jobs and/or clients, it is not enough to have a B2-C2 English certificate.

You need to be an EXCELLENT communicator and public speaker in English.

Can you remember a conversation where you felt GREAT speaking English?

I am sure you can. At least one.

At ECN you learn to access that CONFIDENT feeling when you speak English in ANY situation. 

This is the KEY to progressing quickly.

Sport players and artists perform at their BEST when they are in a state of flow.

NOT when they are frustrated, insecure, stressed or demotivated.

To speak English fluently and communicate effectively, you need to be in a state of flow.

You must say “goodbye” to all your old excuses with English:

“I’m bad at it”, “I’m lazy”, “my listening is terrible”, “the teaching method was bad”, “It’s my pending subject”, “I don’t have time” etc.


Are you ready to know your communication level?

Forget language levels. A B2 language certificate means NOTHING if you don’t know how to communicate effectively.

Ready to truly gauge your communication skills? Take our short test now and discover your real “Communication Level.” Don’t let certificates fool you – it’s all about practical communication!

In ECN you access a state of mind-body that helps you to:

How can I help you?

Unlock Your English Potential in a Supportive Group Setting!

Practice alone is not enough to feel confident and motivated in group situations. At English Coaching Network (ECN), our Coaching Container provides transformative group coaching for ambitious professionals. Join our multicultural community to develop the skills needed to carry out projects, communicate effectively, and thrive in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Gain the confidence to engage with people from diverse backgrounds and become a successful English-speaking professional and leader in the global markets. Don’t miss out – join ECN’s Coaching Container today!

Enhance Communication for Success!

Effective communication is vital for any company’s success. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, decreased productivity, and wasted time and money. Traditional language classes often fail to address the real needs of professionals, leaving them demotivated and insecure in business settings. At ECN In Company, we transform individuals and teams by providing coaching conversations, tailored soft skills training, and facilitated roleplays and presentations with feedback. Empower your employees to think clearly, communicate effectively, and strengthen their soft skills. Say goodbye to poor communication and hello to success with ECN In Company!

Feeling mentally healthy is vital in order to communicate effectively. When you feel low on energy, stressed, anxious or depressed, your communication and learning skills decrease dramatically. Not to mention the effect on your health, relationships, work and creativity. Most mental health professionals will give you a diagnosis and make you dependent on their treatment continuously and long term. As a professionally trained transformative coach, I help you to see that mental health is your natural state. I help you to destroy the misunderstandings that stop you from experiencing your mental health, and point to how you can experience it more. This allows you to shift relatively quickly and to take charge of your own wellbeing and healing as a natural process that happens AT THE SAME TIME as I support you to create whatever you truly want to create in the world.


What they said about me

“I work as a software developer and I have to speak with people from other countries. With Emma I realised that I spent more time thinking that I wasn’t speaking very well or my accent was horrible than focusing on the conversation. After just one week, I experienced a shift. I started to speak more slowly but I was actually enjoying the conversation with my colleagues. I was actually listening to them and not being afraid of asking them to repeat things. This is something anyone can do. You can have a mind shift and start doing what you want – and having fun with it.After just one week, I experienced a shift. I started to speak more slowly and I was actually enjoying the conversation with my colleagues. I was really listening to them and not being afraid of asking them to explain things in another way. This is something anyone can do. You can have a mind shift and start doing what you want, and having fun with it.”
Juan Méndez
Senior Software Engineer
“I went from being ashamed to speak in public at work to presenting to a boss three levels above me and enjoying a team-building day. I am not getting dragged away by my thoughts anymore, and now I am able to understand and express myself much better.”
Rosa Rubio
Engineer, Airbus
“I could never have imagined that I could get English-speaking people as I clients. It’s a great change for me!”
Tomoko Chubachi
Architect & Business Owner
I’ve learnt to relax at work meetings, I say what I want to say and I really listen. I speak fluently, I understand much more and I’m expressing myself better. The important thing is that my message is conveyed, and I understand the people I speak with, so that I can do my job properly.
Call Center Manager
"I feel more relaxed in the German conferences in my company, and I can focus on the participants’ opinions. I am also more in touch with English now – with many opportunities to speak, listen and read."
“I’m not just speaking English fluently without thinking, without looking for the words – fluently, but I also recognise and accept my thoughts and feelings. I see that the most important thing isn’t my past and future experiences but the present. Realising that while I speak English fluently is incredible.”
Xavier G. Nebra
Executive Cloud & DevOps Solutions Architect
“Thanks to Emma’s coaching, I was able to fulfill one of my biggest dreams: Work abroad. I left an admin job in Spain that didn’t make me happy and I got a job in London in digital marketing. Emma Me helped me to define my objectives, increase my confidence and overcome my fears. She worked hard and we got amazing results.”
Sandra de Pablo
(Digital Marketing Professional)