My Story

When I was little I used to sing and act with my sisters. By the time I was at secondary school, I loved public speaking and continued to enjoy the creative arts.

Communication was always HUGE for me. Especially, as the British way can be quite passive-agressive at times. I grew up feeling like I couldn’t often express how I really felt.

Not expressing yourself sincerely at work or home is a form of mental and physical illness.

I now help people to express themselves assertively in English (and in their own language).

When people say to me “I’m bad at English”, I reassure them that everyone at any age can communicate effectively in a second language.

I never imagined that I would learn Spanish. I was never particularly good at languages at school. But when I found true motivation (Erasmus), I gave it my all. Learning was fun and natural (if a bit embarrassing and frustrating at times!).

This is why it is fundamental for you to have something that genuinely motivates you and excites you, if you really want to learn skills like language and communication.

My professional career started in Vaughan Systems teaching public speaking to directors, managers and students.

After going through a series of important changes in my life, which you can read about here, I trained as a professional coach and later as a transformative coach, to help people communicate effectively, feel happier at work, change jobs/professions, start their own businesses or simply to live fulfilling, stress-free lives. 

I founded 0.0 Coaching “0.0 Excuses!” and now I have rebranded to Coaching to Reconnect.

I now share a simple and profound understanding of the body-mind in transformative coaching sessions, our Reconnect Weekends retreats, in companies, and in my online coaching group for ESL Speakers: English Coaching Network.

Over the years I have also delivered high-impact training sessions and coaching in English and Spanish to many professionals from companies such as Volvo, Melia, Vodafone, Airbus, Microsoft, Renfe, Santander, Phillip Morris, Naturgy, Wella, Ocean Winds, Sngular, ALSO, Fountain and Daimler, the university CEU.

I have taught many topics from wellbeing, communication, leadership, agile-leadership, change management, creativity and team building, to customer-oriented sales and service culture.

The creative arts and public speaking still float my boat.

I am a co-author of the award-winning book: “Haz lo Que Temas Hacer” (Do What You Fear to Do), the co-founder of a public speaking club in Madrid, and a singer and songwriter.

I have released a couple of albums with different bands, and am currently recording some songs and singing and playing covers in acoustic in our duo band “Walk off Shame” with Jorge Vila. I currently attend Leo Zelada’s poetry group in Spanish “Exiles” to improve my poetry, and participate in poetry recitals.