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Coaching to Reconnect


In my 1:1 sessions and intensives, we explore the nature of your human experience.

These explorations not only reignite your spark and bring you peace and freedom.

They bring you insight into what you most want in your life and how to get it.

I set you challenges related to what you most want.

The combination of clarity and action is transformational.

Our explorations are based on the insights and teachings of:

Coaching to Reconnect In Companies

Stress and demotivation go hand in hand.

Both lead to low performance and burnout.

On average, a 1/4 of employees report experiencing burnout symptoms, according to a McKinsey Health Institute survey of nearly 15,000 workers across 15 countries.

People perform best when they are in a state of flow, not when they are stressed and uptight.

Traditional wellbeing interventions focus on managing stress and creating “good feelings” at work.

They require busy people to learn more techniques and “to dos” that they won’t apply later.

Or to cover up their stress with quick fixes like a mindfulness session or social events.

These interventions are limited, as they don’t get to the root of stress.

Our training sessions are highly practical and simple.

We explore an understanding of their mind-bodies that helps leaders and team members be their best versions.

They become familiar with their natural clarity of mind and resilience.

They are then able to access their best versions when they return to their everyday lives – especially when times get tough.


What Did They Say about me

“After just one week, I experienced a shift. I started to speak more slowly and I was actually enjoying the conversation with my colleagues. I was really listening to them and not being afraid of asking them to explain things in another way. This is something anyone can do. You can have a mind shift and start doing what you want, and having fun with it.”
Juan Méndez
Senior Software Engineer
“I went from being ashamed to speak in public at work to presenting to a boss three levels above me and enjoying a team-building day. I am not getting dragged away by my thoughts anymore, and now I am able to understand and express myself much better.”
Rosa Rubio
Engineer, Airbus